#14 The “Let Me Tell You About My Day” Guy

No!  Please don\'t

For some reason, the “Let Me Tell You About My Day” Guy thinks that every aspect of their day is both interesting and conversation-worthy.  Like a pent up volcano, they will spew onto you a wave of personal complaints and useless stories — what their boss said to them, how they flirted with a co-worker, what they had for lunch.  Mundane shit you wouldn’t care about if your own Mother was telling you, let alone this guy.

They will always intitate with “You’ll get a kick out of this”, or “You want to hear something funny?”   But their stories certainly won’t be funny and there’s no “kicks” to be had.

Perhaps the most dangerous trait about the “Let Me Tell You About My Day” Guy is their unpredictability.  You could be hanging out, having a regular conversation, and they unleash.  And that’s it.  They rape away the next thirty minutes of your life.

Sure, you’ll nod and try to make a segway into something else, but they’ll bring it right back to them.  And their day.  It’s like trying to pick up a hot girl with no personality.  Just a lot of “mm hmm’s” and head nodding.  Except there’s no boobs and no potential of sex. 

You can find the “Let Me Tell You About My Day” guy anywhere.  It could be a coworker, a friend, or in the worst of cases, someone you just met.  While this is article is specifically talking about the male succubus, you may also encounter the female version: The “Oy!  Let Me Bitch About What He Said To Me” Girl.  If these two cross paths, there will be a ruthless tornado of timewasting.  Stay clear.
Also Known As:  Buzz Killington, The Time Waster, The “It’s Me Time” Dude, Time Whore, Complainy McDoodypants, The Neverending Story



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2 responses to “#14 The “Let Me Tell You About My Day” Guy

  1. Anonymous

    o my god thats me


    haha spot on

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