#31 The Back-of-Head Sunglasses Guy

It\'s like the back of my head is the front of my head
There is something absurdly obnoxious about a guy that chooses to rock his sunglasses flipped upside-down and behind his head. Even if the sun is blaring in this guy’s eyes, it makes no difference. His shades are sitting pretty, totally useless, on the back of his head.

Much like an out-of-control teen on Rikki Lake, the Back-Of-Head Sunglasses Guy just doesn’t give a shit. While everyone else puts their sunglasses on the top of their head, on the V of their shirt, or god forbid, over their eyes — the BOHS Guy wants you to know he’s got his own special real estate. Right on the back of that nutsack he calls a skull.

For those of you wondering “But why?!”, there are two distinct motivations:

1) The “eyes in the back of my head” method. This is used frequently to try and trick passerbys into believing that: yes, this man does in fact have eyes in the back of his head. And he’s using them to stare at chicks, man.

2) The “Trailblazer” method. This is used to try and be the first of his friends to do something never before done. Namely, using his sunglasses improperly. Much like The Upside-Down Visor Guy and The T-Shirt in the Water Guy, the BOHSG aims to blaze new trends with how things shouldn’t be used.

T.G.I. DouchebagTypically the BOHSG will either have a bald/shaved head or some sort of frosted tips. This is perfectly demonstrated by douchebag extraordinaire Guy Fieri, of TGI Fridays fame. Notice how the sunglasses are buried near the nape of his neck — a sneak peak you only get when he turns to oggle at a girl that says “She’ll be right back” but is really running for the exit.

The BOHSG is a cross-cultural breed, ranging from retired Army Officers to Gang Members to Softies like Feieri. There’s a particularly large population Backwards Sunglassers in the Latino community, where they are taught at a young age: “See esse, yoous put da gafas on da espalda de cabeza”. Many such BOHSG devotees consider this a Father-Son bonding activity.

You can find the Back-Of-Head Sunglasses Guy near (but not on) the beach, at a Raiders game, or outdoor sporting events such as NASCAR. They will likely be drinking a room-temperature PBR, and over-exaggerating a story about hooking up with a chick.
Also Known As: Dark Side of The Poon, The Backwards Shade Dude, Two Face, I Wear My Sunglasses At Neck, Backdoor Pete, The UV Necktie



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8 responses to “#31 The Back-of-Head Sunglasses Guy

  1. insAnum

    Dear IPP, the YouTube link is no longer available. Please do something about it so we can all share a (bigger) laugh together at these subhumans by the name of BOHSG. Thank you.

  2. Kenny

    god thank you. everytime i see someone doing this i want to hit them. atleast i it annoys someone else.

  3. Anonymous

    “I Wear My Sunglasses At Neck”

    I almost did a spit take reading that.

    • Anonymous

      That is the most awesome comment I have ever heard. WOW!! That is so original. LMFAO. Yes you still qualify as a douche.

  4. Man, I didn’t realize how old this trend was. And people are STILL doing it?? Like your blog. Here’s what I said about it…

  5. Anonymous

    I think the BOHSG is the twin brother of the flipped up collar guy. They both hail from the Douche family.

  6. Bradley

    Oh this made me laugh.. a guy did this in front of me earlier just to look cool.. he was twice my age. You forgot to mention how grease will get on your lenses from these people’s dirty hair.. what a ridiculous thing to do. It’s akin to wiping your lenses across your hair or touching them to deliberately make prints. It’s done out of pure insecurity. They don’t feel unique as people so this is their big revolution in life.. I wear mine…. this way! Instead of developing a unique personality. Quirky douches..

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