This is a blog devoted exclusively to identifying, describing, and figuring out the eccentricities of people. The why, who, and how of idiocity.

Nobody’s perfect. Even the authors fall victim to some of this stupidity. But it is a funny science, nonetheless. After all, if you can’t laugh about yourself, then you’re just a dick.

So enjoy, have a laugh, and come back often. We will update this dictionary of dopes as often as possible. And please, if you have a good topic, picture, or video, let us know at IdiotPantsParty@gmail.com.


11 responses to “About

  1. GinRummy

    nice blog! had me laughin the whole way…

  2. Funny blog… but really, no RSS feed? I bet I fall into the you-should-be-more-tech-saavy guy… sorry about that!

  3. Susann

    LMFAO!! great blog, ill definitely be back

  4. JackTrot

    This is well on it’s way to being the new “Stuff White People Like”. kudos

  5. chirax

    Great Stuff… Too Good 🙂

  6. steve

    Spellcheck please!! or you guys can be #52. p.s. -i would also like you to stop using “steve” as your go-to random guy name. thank you.

  7. thirdgradeaunt

    Ok, I officially love this.

  8. Dave

    Steve – eat a dick.

    Probably a metro…..

  9. thomas humphrey

    GREAT WEBSITE. This is just awesome. Oh fuck,,how about douches like me that still say AWESOME. Seriously….have been laughing my ass off reading these..thanks so much

  10. TImmy G

    Need to add guys that wear white accessories, such as sunglasses…

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