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Welcome to Idiot Pants Party!

Welcome to the most comprehensive gathering of people being idiots on the internet.  

I have always been fascinated by stupid people.  Even as a young lad, I would ask my parents “why is that man wearing a mesh t-shirt?” or “why does that woman have the number 69 shaved in the side of her head?”

Needless to say, that youthful interest has only developed over the years.  And with the invent of the internet, the ability to see idiots and morons in their natural habitat has become exponentially easier.  And thanks to digital cameras and video equipment, the evidence of people’s idiocity has become tangible.  In fact, my inbox is filled with it.

And with this exposure, comes an ever-increasing landslide of questions. Why? Who are these people? What makes them who they are? Why do people document themselves doing these stupid, incriminating things?  If they didn’t want us to point and laugh, why on earth would they have taken that picture?  

These questions, among many other things, is what this blog aims to uncover.  So check your email, because you’ve just been invited to the most moronic, brainless party on the planet.

The Idiot Pants Party.  

(Tuxedo Tshirts welcome)


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