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#8 The Unibrow

Unibrows in Space - The Last Frontier
The Unibrow is a person so bold, so naturally hairy, that their forehead functions as a modern-day Land Bridge. Using only a ratty string of facial hair, two seemingly separate halves of the head are united. I would say peacefully, but usually theirs a brown-and-curly battle over the upper-nose territory.

You may find it hard to believe that someone can look in the mirror every day and not notice the “Flying V” on their forehead. But what you don’t understand is that The Unibrow does notice. They love it. How do you think it got so thick?

Now thats a Unibrow!For many, The Unibrow is a choice. A life style. Sure, it would take only a second get razor or some tweezers and pluck that forest from in between their eyes. But that’s the easy way out. For The Unibrow, that hairy anomaly is it’s a symbol of strength and prowess. Of natural beauty.

The Unibrow shows no weakness, no emotion. While the left and the right eyebrow go with the flow — raising with a good laugh of scrunching in anger — the Unibrow stands firm. It doesn’t care about how big your fish is, or if you fart. It moves for no one.

You can find The Unibrow in Russia, on Hippies, and apparently on Astronauts (see above). In the United States, is prominent in the Midwest and South, especially in the “Bread Basket”. If your not careful, you may even find it on your own forehead.
Also Known As: Davey Crocket’s Raccoon Tail, The Andy Rooney, The Flying V, The Hair Up There, Two Face, Pubic Hair: Part Deux



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